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Note: The above ECG count is only taken from ECG uploaded and processed through Hruthkukshi Mobile App. ECG uploaded and processed via whatsapp groups are not counted.

We Cardiology at Door Step Foundation (CAD) established in 2018, dreaming for Building a Cardiac disease free society by helping the needful by installing ECG machines in rural areas and PHC’s


About us

Based on the finding on rural village’s healthcare challenges, CAD GAP (Cardiology At Doorstep, Gram Panchayath Anganwadi) Scheme has been designed to bridge the gap between PHC (Primary Health Centre) & rural remote village hamlets. Equipping rural Anganawadi’s with Basic preventive health care/early detection equipment's (ECG, Blood Pressure test Kist, Blood Sugar Test Kit) from the Cardiology at Doorstep Foundation Trust Train Anganwadi/ASHA/Volunteers Members to operate simple health testing equipment's and obtain telemedicine advice within a shortest possible time through digital platform For this purpose we are Introducing ‘Hruthkukshi’ Mobile application platform to interact with Telemedicine expert by remote village Anganwadi or CAD GAP units ‘Shankattu’ a remote village in Ampar Village Kundapura Taluk, Udupi district, Karnataka State is the first village in the country to receive an ECG machine to be installed at their Anganwadi building on 29th April 2021

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A simple user friendly mobile application developed to interact instantly with ECG expertise doctor to provide opinion on ECG machine output uploaded in rural village hamlet. Telemedicine Operators at village can access results via Mobile app and inform patients accordingly. This mobile app will further drop down the ECG evaluation response time.

The existing what group posting of ECG output will be migrated into Mobile app platform and multiple doctors will be assigned to designated area to address the ECG evaluation to speed up the response time. This app will provide real time analytics to CAD Management team and analytics to general public for healthy competitions. Such healthy competitions among many locations will encourage general public to get into more ECG test thus detecting heart related anomaly at the earliest. We will be adding additional feature for Patients to view their test history, generating Prescriptions soon.


ECG Machines will be installed in rural health care centres, where patients can go get their ECG.


The patient information will be available to the cardiologist before they reach the clinic or hospital. This information will be passed on through CAD WhatsApp, helping the doctor prepare for their next operation.


Through proposed mobile based application and IT infrastructure patients can be guided in en-route the hospital, thus saving time.

Why ECG?

People ridiculed and dissuaded me when I took up this project, they said I should put up a Cath lab rather than providing ECG machines. They were sceptical about the design and execution as it involved government machinery. Today we have proven them wrong, coming from a rural background myself, I knew the ground reality of our villages and what the milestones would be in achieving this dream of mine.


Cardiology Grampanchayth Anganawadi Project

We Cardiology at Door Step Foundation (CAD) established in 2018, dreaming for Building a Cardiac disease free society by helping the needful by installing ECG machines in rural areas and PHC’s. The first 50 machines took a year, the next 100 came in 6 months. Now we have completed 445 despite the prevailing pandemic.


  • Inception: Group started on February 20 2018
  • 8 WhatsApp groups: 3 from Karnataka, 1 from Pan India, 2 from Army group, 2 from Maharashtra
  • Anveshana 2018: Cardiology Conference for Doctors of CAD WhatsApp Group held on 24th June 2018 at Dr. TMA Pai convention centre, Mangalore.
  • 30,000 ECG’s reported: So far 30000 ECG’s have been posted in 2 groups.
  • 5000 diagnosis: More than 5000 heart attack diagnosed. 10000+ lives saved More than 10000 lives have been saved through these initiatives.


  • To install 500 ECG machines.
  • Cover 3 more districts including bordering Kerala state.
  • Total number of beneficiaries- more than 50 lakh of the population.